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Nepali Novel Books changed in to audio Book by A Radio program "Shrutisambeg . " Which program Hosted By Mr. Auchyut Ghimire . "Shrutisambeg" is a popular Radio praogram of Nepal . The supper clear voice of Ghimire has made Shruti Sambeg more beautiful and famous . Many more people like this program, love this program on Nepal and other many country . If you are searching to listen Shruti sambeg or Nepali novels, English Novels in Nepali Language on online then you are right place . I think you are little happy when you find this page .
let select the Novels which you want listen . All post are below.

Nepali Novels Which available here..
Nepali novel  Nepali novel Nepali novel  Summer Love Novel Nepali Audio Novel     pagal basti novel by saru bhakta anabrit           

Some Popular English Novel translated in Nepali Language ....

    Romeo and Juliet

Coming soon Below all Novels. please keep Visiting this blog . 

Eleven Minutes  Tin Ghumti Maile Saritako Hatya Garidiye jhola by krishna dharabasi 
Palpasa cafe aadha bato    The Scarlet Letter
Babu aama ra chora    
     Pani ko Gham 
 Romeo and Juliet Sumnima akhet 

I posted here some of Novels please visit continue I'll post other Novels continue ....

Audio provide by - Ramsharan shrestha
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  3. Dear Umesh Adhikari jee We publish audio novel which published on "shrutisambeg" radio program.

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